Some of the statements after TrainYourEyes Sportsvision training

·         Better overview

·         He is more precise in his passes and feels a lot better in this.

·         Higher level of endurance – feels more powerfull

·         Faster in regaining his energy – before he was really “dead” after a game, now he gets normal quite fast

·         After the TrainYourEyes-training he feels more comfortable with both eyes and brain

·         Less head movements

·         Better concentration in general and while playing football

·         Feels SO fit after the TrainYourEyes-training.

·         Better concentration when he is playing football.

·         Less tired eyes, when he is reading at the Internet.

·         Improved awareness.

·         Better focus, when he makes passings

·         Higher concentration ability, when he uses the PC

·         Faster reaction time in new situations

·         Improved peripheral vision

·         More fluent and faster in playing football

·         More flexible vision

·         Faster in focus-shift

·         Better in timing

·         Does not feels as pressed as before – also more calm

·         Better overview when driving a car or bicycling

·         Now he feels, that he actually uses both eyes – when one eye is not used, he can feel it

·         No more headaches after a long day at the PC

Dominik Kaiser Balance Med Bold Leipzig