Who is behind TrainYourEyes.com

The programme behind TrainYourEyes is developed by optometrist Maria Beadle Kops. She holds a Danish education as an optometrist and has since specialized in visual training, which she has spent a large amount of time on since 1994. She has participated in courses held by some of the most renowned in this area, e.g. Paul Harris, Don Gets, Has van den Brink and Harry Wachs ,and she has thoroughly studied the literature in this area. Her work with visual training quickly evolved to a well-functioning clinic with 30-40 on-going clients in training. The clientele was children as well as adults suffering from different kinds of visual defects - and it was everybody: students, secretaries, athletes, busy businessmen etc.

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TrainYourEyes has been available to the Danish users since September 2000. Ever since the beginning lots of people have completed the training programme or are currently in training. TrainYourEyes was a success from day one and has since been mentioned in most Danish media.

Since the vision of Maria Beadle Kops is to diffuse knowledge about visual training, she arranges courses for others than optometrists as for instance ophthalmologists, health visitors, kindergarten teachers etc. She has also chosen to co-operate with ophthalmologists and ortoptists, so that Denmark's leading ophthalmological departments are free to offer selected exercises from TrainYourEyes to their patients in need of visual training.

In her opinion there was too little knowledge about visual training in Denmark as well as the rest of Europe before TrainYourEyes. Her assessment is that between 20-30% of the European population has a poor or not-functioning binocular vision. This is why, she considers, that visual therapy should be made more accessible. Furthermore the majority of the remaining 70-80% could also benefit from optimizing their - otherwise well-functioning - binocular vision. This is especially true for those, who spend a lot of time on near-work as for example working in front of a computer screen or persons, who are into sports. This puts a demand to the vision being used perfectly ,as for example handball, badminton, golf or shooting.

Besides diffusing knowledge of visual therapy to the users, the purpose is also to make the training easily accessible. That is why, a great deal of effort has been put in making not only the exercises but also the details, as for instance the user instructions, very user-friendly. It has been a goal, that the programme should be easy to access and easy to use as well as being designed to fit individual needs. The unique TrainYourEyes database structure enables the client to choose between different modes of training:

  1. carrying out the training in collaboration with an optometrist implying regular control,
  2. in partly collaboration with an optometrist with less control and
  3. without regular control but only a start-up and an ending control visit at the optometrist.

This makes the training programme individually adjustable according to one's time, needs and financial circumstances.

A third purpose of TrainYourEyes is to make visual therapy more fun than the "traditional" visual therapy. That is why, some of the exercises are designed as 3D-games, where you train your eyes by playing the games wearing red/blue 3D glasses. This is fun to all age groups. The games also have a built-in score in order for you to compete against yourself or others, who also use TrainYourEyes. The training programme also contains an exercise with racers, another where you go "letter hunting" in order for you to increase your reading speed, a third where have to read letters aloud as fast as possible etc.